Today's Idea
Thursday, August 15, 2019

Reflextions-Art in the Park

If you feel burnt out on galleries and museums but want to have a unique art experience this summer, or are looking for something to do after sunset other than stare at the stars, head over to Reflextions-Art in the Park to experience one of the most unique public art exhibits New York has to offer.


Riverhead’s Milton Burns Park becomes a cutting-edge art space, which transforms from day to night. While the sun shines, visitors can enjoy a free display of public art from local creators, but the event comes to life every night after sunset. Each piece displayed throughout the day is lit up for the evening with a lighting source of the artists choosing: some choose LED or black lights while others use fire to illuminate their displays!  


Take an evening stroll along the waterfront with your cell phone and you’ll the envy of Instagram. You can pose with neon, light up butterfly wings, or walk through a Day-Glo painted tunnel that looks straight out of the 22nd century. Where else can you see a light up waterfall or a giant disco-ball mermaid sparkle in the moonlight? And after you’ve checked out  the art, you can witness art of another kind --  a live performance of the “Projection Project” by the Peconic Ballet Theater.


Reflextions-Art in the Park takes place on August 15th, 16th, and 17th at Milton Burns Park (also called Grangebel Park.) The event takes place all day, with the sun setting around 7:50 pm for the best view of the evening lights! The Peconic Ballet Theater will perform each night at 9:00 pm, so make sure to stick around to enjoy the performance and all the festivities.