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Thursday, August 29, 2019

2019 Hamptons Barking Beauty Pageant

Beauty pageants aren’t what they were during their heyday, when Atlantic City drew tens of thousands for Miss America. But with the Hamptons Barking Beauty Pageant, they’ve really gone to the dogs.

The Barking Beauty Pageant is the first for dogs in the nation, styled after the famous pageants for humans. Pets compete in categories like Activewear, Glamourwear (you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a chihuahua in a top hat) and a talent competition. You might catch a greyhound performing a dance in a tutu or a terrier dunking a basketball.  Awards are given out for most Popular Pooch, crowd favorite, or most Congenial Canine. Contestants are awarded prizes, sashes, and tiaras for their hard efforts, and attendees can vote for their favorites. 

While you can actually enter your pet, it’s plenty of fun just to come and observe the fun and goofy atmosphere, which is an amazing environment for animal lovers and avowed people watchers alike. Spectators from all across New York and America attend the pageant with their pets, and the evening is festive and lighthearted, with some owners even matching their costumes to their pups. Grab a drink and free hors d’oeuvres at the opening cocktail party, and enjoy raffles and a silent auction as well. Proceeds from the event benefit the RSVP Animal Welfare and Rescue Group, ensuring that dogs in need find good homes. 

The 2019 Hamptons Barking Beauty Pageant will take place on Thursday, August 29th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Dogs of all breeds and sizes are welcome at the event, regardless of whether they are entered into the pageant. Tickets are $75 for the cocktail reception and pageant, or $60 for the show only;  to enter your pet in the pageant, cost is $110 and includes a ticket for each glamorous dog’s owner!